2018 La Borinqueña Grant Awardees


100% of the proceeds from the sales of the anthology RICANSTRUCTION: REMINISCING & REBUILDING PUERTO RICO goes towards the La Borinqueña Grants Program that will award a $10,000 grant to different grassroots organizations in Puerto Rico that have been working heroically in the recovery efforts and rebuilding of the island via programs for youth, women, community members, and the environment. To date, $150,000 has been raised to help Puerto Rico via the LA BORINQUEÑA GRANTS PROGRAM. This first round grants were awarded to nine different grassroots organizations on September 23rd, 2018 in Old San Juan on the 150th anniversary of the Grito de Lares, and one year after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Read full Press Release

"With the support of thousands of people, purchases from Ricanstruction have supported the La Borinqueña Grants Program. Our comic book character, La Borinqueña, is enacting real social change. Nine local grassroots organizations in Puerto Rico received grants directly from us. No corporate matching, no additional support, fans are making this movement happen. Every day I engage with hundreds of people who are learning about Puerto Rico via my work. Please see below to learn about the organizations that we are supporting. This is just the beginning. Next year we return to distribute more grants to more organizations doing the heroic work, every day en la isla. Thank you to the over 150 artists and writers who contributed to Ricanstruction and to people like you that make a difference with the purchase of one book." - Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez


Proyecto Apoyo Mutuo (PAM) is a mutual aid disaster relief initiative in Mariana, Humacao born in the aftermath of hurricane Maria and housed within ARECMA. Center of Imagination, located in Mariana, will be a community space with everything from a tool library, book exchange, coffee shop, small business incubator, and spaces for reading and books for children and young adults. In order to rebuild we must imagine, we must dream an alternative, a new Puerto Rico. Books are the window through which children can let their imagination fly and it is no secret that in all rural regions of Puerto Rico it is almost impossible to find books children want to read. Immediately after the hurricane we started asking children what they wanted to read and were surprised to find out they wanted to read comic books and graphic novels. Over 700 books later we realize we must also create wonderful spaces for children to read so that more than giving books away we also create a culture of reading and creating.

PR. 909 KM 5.1 Camino Antonio Rodriguez, Humacao, PR 00791
Website: https://www.apoyomutuomariana.com
Telephone: 787.640.1902
Operations: Francisco Nieves, arecma.pam@gmail.com



The Boys & Girls Clubs was established 50 years ago to fill the need to provide children and youth a safe, positive and creative place to become leaders who reach their academic, personal and professional goals. We provide after school programs to participants ages 6 to 18 through educational programs, post-secondary support, entrepreneurship and career development. 89% of the children and youth we service live in poverty. Our mission is to provide youth hope of a better future and opportunities to develop to their full potential. We provide the necessary tools to create and/or obtain a job that allows them to reach economic security so they can break the generational cycle of poverty.

Boys & Girls Club of Puerto Rico
501 Roberto H. Todd Avenue, San Juan, PR 00907
Website: http://bgcpr.org/
Telephone: 787.691.2690 cell
Resource Development Director: Patricia de la Torre, Patricia.delatorre@bgcpr.org

Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico photo of children


La Brigada Solidaria del Oeste (BSO) was founded in the city of Mayagüez, just before the passage of Hurricane Maria. The BSO arises from the lack of attention and help that historically have received the communities of regions outside the metropolitan area, by the state government and federal, after the passage of atmospheric phenomena. The BSO is composed of activists from different struggles (agro-ecological, feminist, environmental, university, etc.), in addition to volunteers for whom the BSO has been one of their first experiences within an organization that fights for empowerment of communities. We promote the self-sustainable development of communities through human resources diverse, in order to achieve social, food, economic, and cultural sovereignty. We support the empowerment of communities in their collective processes promoting solidarity, self-management, and sustainability, deepening the transformation social for a just, inclusive and equitable society.

La Brigada Solidaria del Oeste (BSO)
Website: http://isrcr.be/bso/
Telephone: 787.906.7266
Secretary: Cristine Diez Correa, brigadasolidariaoeste@gmail.com

The Solidarity Brigade of the West (BSO)


CORALations is a non-profit coral reef conservation organization founded in 1995 based in Culebra, Puerto Rico.  CORALations' conservation projects are conducted using a multidisciplinary task force of scientists, engineers, and other professionals as advisors. Our Ocean Conservation Youth Corps (OCYC) offers an annual course for local young people between the age of 10 and 18 in Culebra with a long-term goal of creating educated and pro-active members of island and coastal communities empowered with the knowledge and commitment needed to conserve and protect valuable coastal ecosystems for their and future generations. The organization works to maximize limited conservation resources by uniting government agencies, academia, and the private sector on accomplishing specific coral reef conservation objectives.

Lot #1A, Bo Frailes, Culebra, Puerto Rico
Website: http://www.coralations.org/
Telephone: 787.556.6234 / 787.742.0787
Executive Director: Mary Ann Lucking, maryann@coralations.org



The mission of Corporación Piñones se Integra (COPI) is to provide services that contribute to combat the problems that the community faces with the commitment to seek alternatives to improve the quality of life of residents, families and visitors. We aspire to the transformation of marginalized sectors, in communities developed culturally, economically and socially. In the year 2001, a group of women and men of the community rescued the building of the "Ancient Walker" that was abandoned and transformed it into the Piñones Cultural and Ecotourism Center where we offer various cultural and ecotourism services such as: Bomba Classes and Workshops, Puerto Rican: Dance and Percussion, bicycle and kayak rental, conferences; and others activities that contribute to transform life in the community for the better.

Corporación Piñones Integra (COPI)
Highway 187 Km 4.2 Sector Torrecilla Baja, Boca de Cangrejos in Piñones, Loíza, Puerto Rico
Website: http://www.copipr.com/
Telephone: 787.253.9707 / 939.281.9921
Founder and Executive Director: Maricruz Rivera Clemente, maricruzrvr@yahoo.com



Creative Justice Initiative is a new non-profit organization founded by Dr. Marta Moreno Vega that will look to develop an economic framework of cultural arts for community development from an Afro-Scientific perspective in Loiza/Piñones, Puerto Rico. With the recent securing of a building in Loiza, this facility will be named Corredor Artes Loiza and will provide workshops for youth and adult focused on history, memory, and development of skills in tour preparedness, silkscreen production and handcrafted traditional art making. In addition, the new space will provide workshops in music, dance, song, theater, storytelling, and writing. The long term goal for Corredor Afro is to create a central location to promote tourism in Loiza/Piñones.

Creative Justice Initiative
Santillana del Mar - 58A 00772
Website: coming soon
Executive Director: Dr. Marta Moreno Vega, drmartamorenovega@gmail.com

Creative Justice Initiative


El Puente Enlace Latino de Acción Climática ELAC's vision is to connect communities, groups and individual leaders to address climate change, promoting safety, comprehensive health and cultural values of self-determination, sustainability, social justice and peace in Puerto Rico. Our mission is to inspire and nurture leaders for peace and justice. We seek to create environmental awareness and encourage citizen participation for mitigation and adaptation to climate change. We are currently working to shift Puerto Rico from an electrical system based overwhelmingly on expensive fossil fuels to one that relies largely on solar, wind and energy efficiency. We have six committees that implement and lead all our year-round activities focusing on three core areas: Mobilization, Education and Public Policy.

El Puente: Enlace Latino de Acción Climática (ELAC)
800 avenida R.H. Todd 00907
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ELACPR/
Telephone: 787.545.5118 / 787.545.5119

El Puente ELAC


Mujeres Ayudando Madres (MAM) is a non-profit organization with the objective of educating and supporting families during the pregnancy process. We promote a culture of peace for birth, focused on achieving a safe birth experience that protects the physical and psychological health of the family. Founded in San Juan in 2007, MAM offers gynecological/ obstetric, midwifery, psychological, legal and educational services, focused on supporting the development of educated and fortified families to face pregnancy. The objective of our project is to provide women with a woman-centered, family focused, and Puerto Rican-specific teaching guide for community health education, thereby extending the mission of Centro MAM. This will expand the reach of MAM significantly into underserved communities and further empower local leaders and women to take charge of their own lives and community to further strengthen families and the overall health of the island.

Mujeres Ayudando Madres (MAM)
Calle Dalia #11, Carolina, Puerto Rico 00979
Website: http://mujeresayudandomadres.com/
Telephone: 787.945.5000
Director: Vanessa Caldari, mam@mujeresayudandomadres.com



The mission of Multisensory Reading Centers of Puerto Rico, Inc. (MRC) is to provide access to effective literacy instruction for struggling readers in Puerto Rico, particularly students with language-based learning disabilities. Our vision is to achieve an education in which qualified and knowledgeable teachers meet the diverse literacy needs of all students in order for then to achieve their full potential. Information is presented to students in a multisensory way thus ensuring that it enters the brain through different mediums to enhance learning. Because reading permeates learning we believe that everyone involved in a child’s life should be supportive of developing reading skills. Thus we reach out and educate parents and teachers through workshops, one on one meetings and written communications. This way ensuring that our work is supported and extended both at school and at home.

Multisensory Reading Centers of Puerto Rico, Inc. (MRC)
5 Nam Street, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00907
Website: https://www.mrcpr.org/
Telephone: 787.948.1071
Executive Director: Natalia Canto, ncanto@mrcpr.org

Multisensory Reading Centers of PR